Our first FriDAZE in 2018 (for kids in grades 1-3) is on Friday, January 26.  Age groupings are different from last fall as we are trying to even out the number of kids attending each night.

For those new to Thrive, shortly upon arrival kids are divided up into teams where they compete against other groups in a variety of games. Some games challenge the mind while others are a bit more physical.  Around 7:30 we stop to refuel with some pizza.  Afterwards, it’s time for our search and rescue game where we turn out the lights throughout the building and give kids flashlights to go search for hidden treasure. These events provide a fun evening for our kids and a great opportunity for them to introduce their school buddies to their church friends here at Thrive.

The theme for this round of events is Let the Games Begin!  Kids are encouraged to come sporting the colors of their favorite country as we’ll be playing several knock-offs of Winter Olympic games. We will award a special prize to the boy/girl who brings the most friends that don’t normally attend Thrive.

Registrations are $5 /child and will open up December 21 on the church’s website. Simply click HERE to registerThe last day to register for FriDAZE will be January 23.  NO tickets sold the night of the event.

As always, we would appreciate as much adult/teen help as possible.  In order to provide game nights for the kids of our community, we ask that parents serve at least one of these events throughout the year. 

Contact Pete if you have any questions at phoward@atThrive.com.