At Thrive we are on a mission to follow Jesus, connect people to each other and serve our world. Whether you have been here for a long time or you have only just started to attend more recently, there are people connecting at Thrive who you don’t know! In the month of September we have four Thrive Connect events that are designed to help bring people together.  September 21, 6.00-7.30pm, I Have Decided

How do you like your chili? Mild? Hot? Radioactively hot? Chunky? Smoky? With cheese and onions on top? Are you a little more health conscious and you fix your chili with turkey or chicken? Are you a wrong ‘un and you like Cincinnati-style chili? Do you prefer Texas-style chili? I’ve been told there is such a thing as rattlesnake chili, but I suspect it might be an office joke on this gullible English man. If anyone can fix it, I’ll try it! We need your help. We need your chili!

The plan is that folks will be able to try lots of different samples of chili and we plan to declare a winner on the night. The event is designed for all ages, and if you are not a big fan of chili there will be other food to eat too. Please get cooking!

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