The Vision for Life Groups

Picture the scene. A small group of friends meets together at someone’s house. It’s a place to belong; a place where you know others and you are known. You pray for one another. You share your joys and your challenges, your highs and your lows. It’s real. You open God’s Word together and ask the Lord to speak. The Holy Spirit helps you as you pray and grow. It’s a place where you encourage one another and talk about where you can serve together and really make a difference to someone else beyond the group. Maybe there’s food and laughter. I hope so! Saying goodbye takes a while, but it’s not really goodbye, it’s more, “See you soon.”

By the grace of God this describes the church we are becoming! We are forming healthy life groups at Thrive and we are inviting you to be part of the effort. 

At the start of 2019 we began a new chapter with life groups at Thrive. We launched seven new life groups and the plan is to continue to add more groups as we move forward. We want to help as many people as possible connect here at Thrive, and grow with us! 

How Can I Get Involved? 

The usual way for folks to connect in a life group is through Rooted. Rooted is a 10 week experience that helps folks connect with God, their purpose, and the church. We offer Rooted 2-3 times a year. After Rooted is finished, a life group formation event is offered for all who wish to continue the journey. Getting into a life group is a great way for folks to continue to grow and connect at Thrive.

Life Group Formation

At this event folks will be encouraged to sign up for a life group. We will share the three goals for each Thrive life group, and we will also talk about how the groups will be supported by the church. We want life groups to succeed! We will cover other practical details like group size, where the groups will meet, and what the calendar for life groups will be. To give you the heads up, life groups are set up to function in 3 x 10 week semesters in a calendar year. The groups meet on a day and time to suit the participants. 

Why 3 x 10 Week Semesters? 

If we set life groups up to meet every week, there is no way we could sustain it! Life happens, and people travel for vacation and holidays and so on. We all need a break from the usual routine. If we go for less frequent life group meetings, for example every two weeks, then from experience we see connection and momentum begin to wane. If someone has to miss for a simple, everyday reason e.g. business travel, it might be a month or more before connection with the group resumes. So we landed on 3 x 10 week semesters. Rooted helped us determine this rhythm. Over the ten week Rooted experience we see relationships go deeper, and real spiritual formation takes place. Rooted thus helps us establish the sort of rhythms we want to see continue in healthy life groups at Thrive.

Serving Opportunities

Is your Life Group looking for opportunities to serve? For a list of places that Thrive has a connection with, please click HERE.

Life Group Planning: Next date available soon

At the start of each semester we call all the life groups together for a planning event. The purpose of this is so that the life groups can get together and plan for the semester ahead. There are some basic things to cover e.g. Where will the group meet? Who will facilitate the meeting? What will the agenda/study be? Where will the group plan to serve? We find that having a time to come together and plan helps keep the focus and momentum going for life groups.