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Marriage Ministry at Thrive

At Thrive we recognize the importance of marriage. Strong marriages build strong families and strong families are the backbone of the church. In support of this we are creating a marriage ministry starting in 2018.  No matter where you are in your current relationship, there's something here that can benefit you. Examples of anticipated services / events are as follows:

• Marriage conferences & seminars
• Workshops
• Retreats
• Mentoring
• Pre-marital counseling
• "Celebrate Marriage" events (e.g. dances, dinners, date-nights, etc.)

Please check back to this page or read the monthly newsletter for details of specific events.

Volunteer Opportunities

We will need volunteers for the marriage conference as well as other upcoming events.  Opportunities will range from helping set up / tear down for a single event to signing up for training to become a marriage coach.   If you want to learn more, please contact Jerry McColgin at

Fun Night at Woodland Bowl - November 30th

We’re hosting a fun night of bowling at Woodland bowl on Friday November 30th for any interested, married couples. We have lanes reserved from 6:30-9:30. Your bowling is free, you’ll just need to rent (or bring) shoes and pay for any food/beverages. It doesn’t matter if you are a near-pro or have never bowled before, come on out and join us for a fun-filled evening of fellowship.

Please RSVP by Monday, November 26, so we know how many people to plan for.

Marriage Mentoring

We will begin to offer marriage mentoring this fall. Mentoring is essentially hooking a highly seasoned married couple with a lesser experienced married couple. The goal is for the longer married to be there to answer questions or help with issues that many couples face. To learn more about this program, please download the informational packet from the button below. If you are interested in finding a couple to mentor you, please click on the Application Form button below.