Thrive is a story about God’s faithfulness. It started as a dream when the members of Central Christian Church purchased over 80 acres of land nearly 2 decades ago in preparation for a move. Our needs have changed and evolved along the way, but we remained faithful to wait on God’s call to move… and call He did. In 2015 He brought a buyer for our former church building and another buyer for the extra land we were looking to sell. We had been praying for the right time, the right circumstances and the right partners. God answered our prayers. 

We have been called to a this location where we are able to better reach the newly developing area of Hamilton County. It has been a long-standing vision of our church to relocate, with the goal of being rooted in a place where we can serve a growing community. With our new building and location we will be able to offer much to our new surrounding community, including Sunday morning worship, youth ministry, children’s ministry and a weekday preschool.

At Thrive we are on a mission to follow Jesus, connect people to each other and serve our world.

There is a place here for you! We look forward to seeing you soon.