Life Groups

Life Groups are intended to be the missional hands and feet of Thrive Christian Church.  They are comprised of 4-8 families, who together are committed to shine the light of the Lord into each others lives and into the lives of anyone seeking His truth and grace.  

Life Groups meet multiple times each month to  pray and encourage each other, and whenever possible, to use their gifts and passions in ministry service to others. 

“As you see the good you can do….DO IT!”

We are finding the good that is done is more effectively sustained over a longer period of time when it is accomplished by Life Groups.

Thrive Connect

Throughout the year will will host Thrive Connect. The idea behind these events is to foster a greater sense of connection among our people. 

The format for the evening will begin with a simple meal, followed by musical worship, a short time of teaching, and then a time for table discussion. Kid’s activities will be provided.