Kids Ministries 

People of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes make up the Family of God.  We want to help parents raise a generation of children to follow Jesus, connect people to each other and serve our world.  After all, the church really isn't a building kids go to, but a community of believers they are a part of.  Our leaders will love your children for who they are, but encourage them to become all that God wants them to be.  

On Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00am children have opportunity to experience God with others their own age in PraiseLand. 

Our nursery staff seeks to provide a safe and loving environment for children under the age of 2 years.  We want to build trust with parents and kids.  We want parents to trust that their little one will be well cared for.  We want little ones to develop trust that they will be loved, cared for and that their mom and dad will come back for them.  

Preschool PraiseLand:  
2 Years
Each week our 2 year-old class will have a time of interactive play, musical worship and a Bible lesson presented for the age-level.

Age 3 Years - Kindergarten
Each week children experience a time of interactive play, musical worship with lots of movement, a Bible lesson presented by Ollie and his friends, and a small group time where they review the lesson with their leader by participating in hands on activities.

Elementary PraiseLand:  Grades 1-5
Kids in grades 1-5 also follow a Large Group/Small Group format.  In Large Group kids participate in a time of musical worship in a style that is both exciting and engaging.  In Large Group, stories from the Bible are presented through drama, video, and creative storytelling.  Afterwards, kids participate in a Small Group time where kids are put into groups according to their grade level in school.  Through application oriented games, activities, conversation, and prayer with their Small Group Leader, kids explore ways to live out the biblical truths taught during the Large Group program.  They also experience what it's like to be in community with other kids their age that will encourage them and pray for them.