Middle School

Sunday Mornings
Every Sunday at 11:00am our Middle School group gathers in our worship service to participate in Worship with the church body.  After Worship is over, the Middle School students move to a classroom to receive a teaching that is geared towards helping them to develop a relationship with God.

(Thursday Nights During the School year)

hy-phen is our time to get together and have fun while learning about Christ. We play games and have time to hang out but we also take the time to open the Bible to learn more about Jesus and what it means to follow Him. Our middle schoolers have a lesson each night and a time to discuss after the lesson to get a better understanding of what they have just heard. hy-phen is on Thursday and lasts from 6:30-8:00pm.

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2018  Calendar Through The Year End

I have created a calendar (link below) so you as parents can see what we will be studying when and where.  This calendar includes the Sunday morning lessons for Middle School and the High school Sunday Night calendar.  This Calendar may change from time to time if there are updates with our host homes as far as High School is concerned.  Please Email me if you have any interest in providing food for our high school students on a Sunday night.

2018 Calendar


High School

Sunday Mornings
We invite our High School students to attend a worship service every Sunday morning.  

Sunday Evenings
We have a Sunday night group that meets at a host home.  We have lessons that are designed to help our teens grow in their faith and their relationship with God.  We have fantastic members at our church who provide food for our teens each Sunday night.  The goal is to create an atmosphere where they can come together and share a meal, grow in their relationships with each other, and grow in their faith in Christ.  

Current Lesson Series
We are currently in a lesson series about apologetics, or defending the faith.  We are having weekly discussions for six weeks stretching Sunday, July 29th through Sunday, September 2nd.  This is a very intense series and it will challenge our teens to think deeply.  If you would like to have access to the lessons and the outlines that we are supplying your teens, They will be attached here.  The lessons are written each week so as we go through these six weeks, they will appear here.  Links below.  

  • Week 1: What The World Says

  • Week 2: What The Bible Says

  • Week 3: What science says

  • Week 4: Biblical Faith and Modern Science

  • Week 5: Biblical faith and Philosophy

    • This week was a little different. Our lesson took on a more discussion-style nature as we talked about reasoning for God’s existence through Aristotelian philosophy

    • Transcript

  • Week 6 Morality in God’s Existence

Wednesday Evenings
We meet at a local restaurant to eat together and talk about the things going on in our students lives.  This time is used to build relationships and help our students understand the importance of regular community with believers. Email Jason your cell phone number if you'd like to know when and where the group is meeting.

QUESTIONS? Contact Jason Resciniti

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