Our Missionaries

Haitian Christian Ministries (HCM)
HCM is serving the people in northwest Haiti. This region is one of the poorest in the world. The HCM Team are not only fighting the physical poverty that exists, but the Spiritual poverty. They employ nationals where possible and work with micro enterprises to help people gain meaningful employment while sharing the good new of Jesus! We frequently take trips over to Haiti to build houses for congregation members with their sister organization ‘Welcome Home Haiti’.

Becca Schafer - Thailand
Becca arrived in September 2013 to work with a team among the poor in Chiang Mai. Over 98% of people in Thailand are unreached by the Gospel. Thailand is also a gateway country for human trafficking, which places many children, with and without disabilities, at risk. Her prayer is that through partnerships with children’s homes and communities, sustainable, holistic programs can be developed to protect children from trafficking, to empower people with disabilities, and most importantly to bring the Buddhist Thai people to a full knowledge of the love of Christ.

Don & Cynthia Schafer - Indianapolis
Don and Cynthia run an organization called Camptown. Camptown mainly serve youth from inner-city Indianapolis taking them on camping and hiking trips where they can experience God through nature. These youth would not normally get this experience and Camptown make sure they never say no because of finances.

Larry & Debbie Kineman - Worcester, England
Larry and Debbie are church planting in Worcester. They have lived in England for over 20 years and are on their 3rd church plant. They are currently starting another one and in the first stages of making contacts though a wide variety of methods. They are forming a small group to start with.

Joel & Kelly Lillie - Thailand
Joel and Kelly are in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are preparing for their new outreach ministry. They are settling in to their new surroundings.